All-In-One Toolbox (29 Tools) (4.1.1) – Android App Review

All-In-One Toolbox (29 Tools) (4.1.1)

Cost Of App: Free (Google Play App Store)

Is there a paid upgrade option ?: Yes

App Description: (See Below)

1. Apk Cleaner
2. Backup & Restore
3. Homescreen shortcut
4. Memory status report (RAM, ROM, SD Card memory and CPU)
5. System information
6. One-click task killer
7. Cache cleaner
8. History cleaner (clipboard, browser, Market, Gmail search, Google Maps, Google Earth history)
9. Call log and messages cleaner
10. SD Card temporary file cleaner
11. App to SD Card
12. SD Card file manager
13. Batch installer
14. Batch uninstaller
15. Startup manager
16. Add app to startup
17. Homescreen widget
18. Quick Settings plugin
19. Volume Settings plugin
20. Timer Plugin
21. AppLock Plugin
22. Permission Check Plugin
23. Sensor Box Plugin
24. Flashlight Plugin
25. Ad Detect Plugin
26. Compass Plugin
27 QR and Barcode Scanner
28. Uninstall of preinstalled system app feature
29. Zip, unzip and unrar

*Simple and interactive user interface
*Tweak all system optimizing features at ease

*Embrace all system optimizing techniques
*Comprehensive one-click optimization
*Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Galaxy Note, Asus Transformer and most other Android tablets are supported!

For more information about All-In-One Toolbox, please visit our website:


Are there in App ads ?: Yes

A. Ease Of Use: 4/5 – Super easy to use. But some of the features are very well hidden or lack explanation of what they are actually gonna do.

B. Security: No impact to smart phone or tablet security

C. Usefulness: 5/5 – By far the best all around freeware app of it’s kind.

D. Smart phone Slowdown: Some minor lag, that I noticed. (Based on device and connection speed)

E. Tablet Slow Down: No lag at all, that I noticed. (Based on device and connection speed)

F. Type Of User I Would Recommend To Use This App: Anyone who wishes to optimize their mobile device and they are not afraid of a little trial and error. Then I say go for it as there really is nothing quite like it on the Android App. I’d say you’d be really missing out if you did not give this free app a quick go. There really is nothing to lose other then wasted space.

Important App Use Side Note: Please be aware that some option will delete your information and you will not be able to get it back. So make sure to back up your call logs and text messages if you wish to do so. Also know if you are clearing your cache that is often where your game save files are. So back them up as well or risk losing your game progress. Another important note is that. If you do decide to clear your history or cache your device maybe slightly slower. As the temp files have been removed and will need to be re-acquire by sites such as the Google Play App Store. Before reloading again. Again the speed of this process will depend on device and connection speed.


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Till The Next Review,

Remy “Se7en”


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