µTorrent (3.3.1) – Freeware Review


– Sometimes good Torrents are hard to find

– Sometimes it can take hours, days, weeks to download a file and or files. All will depend on your internet connection speed, the size of the file and the souring of the torrent and or torrents you are using.

– There can be some serious virus issues. You may come across at some point.

– Depending on your Internet connection. You can use all your bandwidth for the whole house or business network without evening knowing it. (But there is a tracking option with in the options to prevent that. But I find people tend not to use it or don’t use it correctly.)

– Some options require you to be rather Computer/Internet Savvy person.

– Setting up µTorrent for optimal performance can take some trial and error.

– You can encounter “Disk Overloaded 100% glitch“. This is where you download will bottom out and may even stop altogether. This can take anywhere from minutes to many hours to get a solid download rate going again.

– You can encounter “Disk Flushing glitch“. This is where you download will stop with between 0.01% to 5% download not completed. This will require you to stop the torrent then remove the torrent. Then close down µTorrent. Then re-start µTorrent. Now drag and drop the torrent file again and let it re-check what you haev actually downloaded.  After that then the download should show the correct % complete.

– They have added a new bright Yellow and OrangeFeatured Torrent Ad” just below the main toolbar. Thus far, I have found no way to remove it. But it is one hell of an eye soar. (Then again it could just be super short attention span.)

– Also you may notice some new annoying UI (User Interface) changes. Again, I found them annoying and not at all needed. But by no means a deal breaker. Nor does it merit a lower score.


– Free

– Simple to use

– There is a ton of customization options wise

–  App add-ons

– Very easy to set download caps and bandwidth caps. So you don’t go over by accident.

– Very easy to use Internet connection setup guide

– Files are generally pretty darn safe. Provided you know what files types you are looking for and or planning to download. (And with the Torrents with )

positive feedback/ also know as Green comments

– Way better then the bulk of their competition (Even better computer foot print wise VS. Bit-torrent)

– Very slick/clean interface

– Very light on resources (Both Ram and CPU)

– Provided you use a good torrent search sites, you can get some great file sourcing.

– You can find some pretty rare files, movies, music and or books

– Very decent download speeds for most torrents

– Its very easy to change your ports on the fly

– Can download any type of files you could ever possibly want. (Of course with some exceptions)

– Can download multiple files at a time

– Can download huge files of several 100 gigs with ease.

– Has bandwidth and sourcing encryption


My Overall Score is a 4 out of 5 – Provided you are using a good torrent source such as isoHunt. You should be able to find pretty much anything you could ever want. But be very careful some Torrents can have some very nasty virus hidden inside them. So please use the Torrent Positive/Negative comment rating rules (If it is green. It is a go).  So if there is no feedback or negative comment score also known as RED feedback score posted for that torrent. Then whatever you do don’t download that torrent. If you do decide to download it anyways. You would likely be asking for a possible virus issues or other possible negative outcomes.

So people, please be smart and use your head and read the comments. Associated with each torrent before you download it. 

On the other hand if there are a bunch of positive comments (Green Comments/Positive + Score). Then you should be good, but I tend to read the comments, even if there are a lot of positive comments. Just to air on the side of caution.


Here Is The Link To Download µTorrent (3.3.1): http://www.utorrent.com/utorrent-plus/index/frmnvh



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