TweetDeck (3.0.2) – Review And Q+A

TweetDeck – is a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts.

Like other Twitter applications it interfaces with the Twitter API (Application programming interface) to allow users to send and receive tweets and view profiles. It was the most popular Twitter application with a 23% market share as of June 2009, following only the official Twitter website with 45.7% share for posting new status updates.

It can be used as a web app, a Chrome app, or a desktop app.

Above Source: Wikipedia


1. Q: Who is TweetDeck for ?

A: TweetDeck is meant for any user of Twitter.


2. Q: Is TweetDeck Safe To Use ?

A: Yes, so far it does seem to be. But like Twitter itself. You can click on a link (by accident) and thus can get a virus or be sent to a infected website. But so far there is still a pretty low threshold of reports to that effect. But I assure you as Twitter grows and TweetDeck gets bigger. I can assure you that rate will dramatically increase.


3. Q: Is TweetDeck Easy To Use ?

A: Well it depends on the users willingness to explore and along with some old fashion trial and error.


4. Q: Should I Allow My Kids To Use TweetDeck ?

A: I, in this case actually would say “YES”. This program can help you bridge the gap of so many aspects of social networking. It may even bring you closer to your kids with a much more simple UI (User Interface). But expect some hang time in understanding TweetDeck and its settings.


5. Q: Is TweetDeck Stable ?

A: No, question here TweetDeck is indeed stable. There have only been some very minor UI (User Interface) glitches.


6. Q: Is TweetDeck Useful ?

A: Heck yeah. I pretty much use it everyday. It is a blast to use and is very helpful to keep you organized and on top of all the new tweets. Being posted by all your friends.


7. Q: Do I Need A TweetDeck Account ?

A: Yes, you do  TweetDeck account. But it also does require for you to have at least 1 active Twitter account.


8. Q: Does TweetDeck Spam Users ?

A: No, not that I’m aware of


9. Q: Are There Any Ads On TweetDeck ?

A: No, not that I have noticed thus far


Final overall score for TweetDeck is a 3.5 out of 5 – This app/program does have a lot of useful features. But TweetDeck also has a lot of overlapping features. Some are there so you can watch a bunch of different accounts at the same time and in one place. I personally wish it was a little more user friendly for those just jumping in for the first time. Also the huge tab bar on the left hand side is a huge pain. It’s really starting to look a lot more like the WordPress admin page as compared to anything related to Twitter. Unless they have something in the pipe, that I don’t know about or have not seen yet.

I’m actually rather disappointed with this and the last update. That is why I dropped my score by 1/2 a point. But again that just might be me.

I am actually finding it easier to keep track of Twitter with TweetDeck. Then it is using Twitter main hub or profile page. But then again it might just be me.


PS: By all means people you disagree with me sound off in the comment section.



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