SUPERAntiSpyware (5.6.1020) Professional Edition – Full Review

The Rating Scale Breakdown:

  • 0  – 0.5 – Abysmal
  • 1.0 – 1.5 – Terrible
  • 2.0 – 2.5 – Poor
  • 3.0 – 3.5 – Average
  • 4.0 – 4.5 – Great
  • 5.0 – Excellent
  • Undetermined – Too soon to tell or lacking evidence to provide a solid answer
  • Not Tested – Has yet to be requested or there is some limitations to prevent accurate test results
  • N/A – Not Available and or Not Applicable to this program


V. 5.5 B“SAS” Professional Review Template + Added Input About Lack Of Phone And Or Live Chat Support For “SAS Pro”


Price: $29.95 USD/CAD For A 1 year Subscription For Up To 3 PC’s.

Is SUPERAntiSpyware Pro Worth The Price ?: Yes it is. If you want the full protection with the added benefits of Automatic Updating, Scheduling Scanning and Real-Time Protection. Then you will be more then happy with the $29.95 USD/CAD price point.


A. Installation SUPERAntiSpyware – 5.0 Excellent” – Fast, Safe and Simple

B. Un-installing SUPERAntiSpyware3.5Average – No start menu un-install feature. But you can un-install using the Windows control panel.


C. Stability Of Program – 5.0 Excellent” – Absolutely no stability issues.


D. Residential Shield Test - 4.5Great – Very useful and its always great when you can add an extra layer protection to your PC.

DD. Browser Hi-Jack And Registry Protection4.0Great – Great. But there is still no protection for ether Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.

DDD. System Repair Option4.0Great – Used it and it works like a charm. Thou you still should read the descriptions over a few times. Before you decide to use one of the many repair options SUPERAntiSpyware Pro has.


E. Detection Rate Test:

E1. Windows XP5.0Excellent

E2. Windows Vista5.0Excellent

E3. Windows 7 - 5.0Excellent

E4. Windows 85.0Excellent


F. Speed of Scan4.5 Great – Scan times have been reduced by just under 50%. So what use to take me anywhere from 35 to 45 mins to perform a scan. Now clocks in at just over 20 to 35 mins.

FF. Scan Boost5.0Excellent- This option seems to have remained. So much so even my dual core computers have show at least a 10 to 20 mins differences between using regular or “Low Boost” as oppose to “High Boost” scanning option.

FFF. Types Of Different Scans Available - 5.0Excellent- With 5 different types of scans to suite your fancy. You can’t go wrong regardless of your final choice of scan.

G.Update Manager5.0 Excellent – Works like a charm with no lag at all.

H. Scan Logs3.5Average- The logs could be quite a bit easier to read. But they are in the same league as most programs in this category.

I. SUPERAntiSpyware Support - 3.0Average – You have their “Free, unlimited 24/7 technical support via e-mail”,  “Customer Support Request Form” or “User Forums

**Yes, people I agree it is SUPER lame that SUPERAntiSpyware Pro. The paid version of SUPERAntiSpyware has no phone support or live chat support.


My Overall Score: 72/80

90 % = A +


My Overall Outlook: SUPERAntiSpyware remains a very easy and safe program to use. SUPERAntiSpyware is truly your one stop shop for Spyware, Adware, Malware and Internet Cookie detection and removal.


My Final Verdict: I have to admit at first glance that SUPERAntiSpyware’s major overhaul and update had me wondering if this (5.6.1020) build was what I have been waiting for for a really long time. But in this case SUPERAntiSpyware (5.6.1020) update is nothing but a quick tweak. There really is nothing of note to be said of this very minor update to a program that is not only showing it’s age. But could use a few nice tweaks updates.

Such as the long overdue Browser Hi-Jack Protection for other Internet browsers such as Firefox would be very much appreciated. Also an update to the overly bland UI (User Interface).


Here is 1 link to download SUPERAntiSpyware Professional Trial Edition:

1. (SUPERAntiSpyware Main Site)



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Till The Next Review,

Remy “Se7en”

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