How To: Find What Version Of AVG Anti-Virus 2015 You Are Running

Dear Readers,

People have been asking me how to find what version of AVG Anti-Virus 2015 they are running.

Follow These Steps Find What Version Of AVG Anti-Virus 2015 You Are Running:

1A. Open AVG with right click of the mouse on the AVG tray icon


3. You should notice a very faded (Almost invisible to the naked eye) version code on the bottom left hand corner of the main AVG 2013 User Interface. It should look like this

“2015 build 5577” without the quotation marks.

1B. Or Double Click with your Left Mouse Button on the AVG 2015 Desktop Icon

3. Then select OPTIONS on the top upper right hand corner

4. Click

5. Then select ABOUT AVG (It should be the very last option on the drop down menu.)

6. Click on it

7. Then choose the PRODUCT tab from there it should display your version code that should look like this (2015.0.2899). It will also show you who AVG is registered to and when your version will expire. If you are using the paid version of AVG 2015.



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