AVG Free Anti-Virus 2013 (2013.0.2897) – Freeware Review

The Rating Scale Breakdown:

  • 0  – 0.5 – Abysmal
  • 1.0 – 1.5 – Terrible
  • 2.0 – 2.5 – Poor
  • 3.0 – 3.5 – Average
  • 4.0 – 4.5 – Great
  • 5.0 – Excellent
  • Undetermined – Too soon to tell or lacking evidence to provide a solid answer
  • Not Tested – Has yet to be requested or there is some limitations to prevent accurate test results


Price: Free

A. Installation AVG 3.0Average – This aspect of AVG has almost completely collapsed, in on itself. I am very sad to report that all thou AVG Free Anti-Virus 2013 is way better in the installation department. Then AVG Internet Security 2013.  Which without any reservations is an huge epic fail. On most systems.

B. Uninstalling AVG 3.0Average – AVG Free Anti-Virus is very sloppy uninstaller.


C. Stability Of Program4.0 Great” – AVG free is way better off. Then AVG Internet Security 2013 with respect to both stability and the UI (User Interface) glitchy-ness.


D. Has AVG Free Been Compromised By Hackers Or Virus2.0 Poor” – Many issues reported. But mostly on older operating systems such as XP and Vista.

E. Speed of Scan5.0 Excellent – Very quick on most computers.

F. Updating 3.5Average” – Automatic updating is fine. But if you want to mainly update your AVG. Your in for some headaches. Crashes , Glitches , Stalls you name it. I’ve probably run into it or had it reported to me.

G. Does AVG Free Do Automatic Updates By Itself Without Any Issue – 5.0 Excellent – Yes, you can now with, no doubt. But leave the manual update option alone unless you want to invite stability related issues.

H. Internet Browser Cookie Detection Rate And Removal Test2.0 Poor– You are way better off with something like SUPERAntiSpyware or CCleaner that is more dedicated to removal of Internet cookies. AVG Internet cookie detection rate is terrible even with the option active and checked off.


1. Anti-Virus Detection Rate Test:

1A. Windows XP2.0Poor

1B. Windows Vista2.0Poor

1C. Windows 73.0Average

1D. Windows 84.0Great


2. Residential Shield Test 3.0Average – I still find AVIRA and AVAST seems to grab the virus way before AVG does.


Computers Protection


3A. Anti-Virus Scanner 3.0Average” – AVG is barely scores an average in this respect.

3B. Anti-Rootkit Scanner3.5Average” – Nothing special here. But much better of a scanner then the main Anti-Virus Scanner.


Web Browsing Protection


4A. Link Scanner4.5Great – Not a fan. But it can be very very useful to some.

4B. Online Shield – Not available In the Free Version


Identity Protection


5A. Identity Protection – Not available In the Free Version

5B. Identity Alert – This feature appears to need a further upgrade. Beyond your main purchase of AVG Internet Security 2013.


E-mail Protection


6A. E-mail Scanner3.0Average” – Utterly baseline and average. I found no use for it.

6B. Anti-Spam – Not available In the Free Version




7. Firewall – Not available In the Free Version


Extra Features


8. Fix Performance (AKA. PC Analyzer) – 0.5Abysmal“- If you don’t mind that you only can fix your errors for free once then great. But if you are like me and you probably feel this options is both somewhat misleading and out right bait to buy this extremely expensive add-on. Then you are probably with me on my conclusion.

9. Mobile ProtectionN/A – This option is pretty much just a bullet point reminder. As you can download the AVG Free Smart Phone app from the Google Play Store. Again let me make it clear even thou you have paid for AVG Internet Security 2013. You don’t get AVG Pro Smart Phone app.

10. Speed Test – 5.0Excellent– I found this addition to be very useful and very accurate as well. If only all speed tests apps/programs and or sites were this worry free.

11. AVG Direct Support0.5Abysmal” – With only a free forum and a phone number to call for support.

You will often find yourself ether being told to go to the free forum or they will recommend you go to further specialized support via Tech Buddy. Which like I said above is a MONEY GRAB. Completely worthless as well as falsely advertised and very overall misleading.


My Overall Score: 58.5/100

58.5 % = C –


My Final Verdict – AVG Free Anti-Virus 2013 takes what it once was good and flips it on its heads. It presents itself as a new more user friendly version of its past AVG iterations. This version of AVG and I’m talking about all AVG 2013 versions. Are clearly tailored first to Windows 8 and then to Windows 7. If you don’t have ether. Then you should give AVG a pass (Both Free and Paid versions).


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2 Responses to AVG Free Anti-Virus 2013 (2013.0.2897) – Freeware Review

  1. Mayr Times says:

    Thank you, Kirbe, for the AVG Free Anti-Virus 2013 review.  I have been waiting for this. Remy had said earlier the 2013 has a lot of glitches  and to hang on to the 2012 free version.  I thought maybe things might have got adjusted if AVG even does this.   I have Windows 7 and will hang on to the 2012 AVG free version for now.  Perhaps at some point I should think about changing to AVIRA or AVAST free.  I want something something that’s easy and not going to give me problems.  

    Thank you again, Kirbe, Mary

    • Kirbe says:

      Dear Mayr Times,

      Your more then welcome for the review. I don’t remember AVG ever scoring this badly. I know that Remy has been reviewing both AVG free and paid for over 8 years. So he would probably have a better idea.

      But, I think even he would have to look way back to find all the AVG scores.


      Remy had said earlier the 2013 has a lot of glitches and to hang on to the 2012 free version.

      Comment: Well actually funny you mention that. We had a meeting not to long ago and people have actually gone all the way back to using AVG 9.0 or 10. Both can be used and both can be found using Filehorse. Just click on the old versions tab. http://www.filehorse.com/download-avg-antivirus-32/


      I have Windows 7 and will hang on to the 2012 AVG free version for now.

      Comment: Well then your better off with AVG 2012 but only slightly. If you see the scores on my review and Remy’s review. It gets a 3 out of 5 score. For Virus detection again that is so very borderline and probably not worth the risk Of AVG 2013 damaging your system.

      Again, this program was made to favour both Win 7 and even more so Win 8. So I say only slightly better because. I know Remy is still running his Window’s Vista 32bit system as his main desktop next to his Win 7 desktop and Win 8 Laptop.


      Perhaps at some point I should think about changing to AVIRA or AVAST free.

      Comment: Well right now we are working on our AVIRA 2013 Freeware review and the results aren’t what you would call good. But it is a super light weight in the use of computer resources. Until you get an ad or nag screen asking you to upgrade or about some type of deal. The ads really can drag AVIRA down a lot. It’s always been a problem. But now at times you have to use your task manager to remove the ads. Or else they will just lay there on the bottom lower right hand corner. Like a dead cube taking up space at the same time as being a bothersome extra thing you will have to deal with as an end user of AVIRA 2013.

      Now AVAST is great. But it’s draw back is the massive foot print or what I like to call the all or nothing problem. they are into adding filters that end up with most people crying out. “Dude this is insane. Or this is overkill.”

      You can easily deactivate any of the filters/shields at any time. But then you are left wondering what have I left open to a potential attack as the filters are generally very vague in what they do. And they often work together to form a big picture. Rather then separate puzzle pieces. That can be easily removed with no further ramifications to your system.


      So to conclude avoid AVG 2013 for the time being. And avoid anything Microsoft related they are worse then not having any anti-virus. Protection at all so that would be ether Windows Security Essentials or Windows Defender.




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