How To: Find The AVG Anti-Virus 2013 “Virus Vault”

Dear Readers,

People have been asking me how to find the AVG Anti-Virus “Virus Vault” in the new 2013 version. So here you go the full blow by blow. Please feel free to comment if this is not clear enough.

Follow These Steps To Find The AVG 2013 Virus Vault:

1A. Open AVG with right click of the mouse on the AVG tray icon

2. Select OPEN AVG User Interface

1B. Or Double Click with your Left Mouse Button on the AVG 2013 Desktop Icon

3. Select the 6th on the drop down OPTIONS menu

4. Click

5. You should see an option called Virus Vault

6. Click on it

7. The VIRUS VAULT should open up

8. Click one of the following options. (These options will only be visible if you have a virus listed. Otherwise it will give you a “?” question mark with a circle around it and the option to close the Virus Vault.)

RESTORE: To send the file back to your computer. Because it is not a virus

RESTORE AS: Multiple items at a time; highlight them in the list and press the respective button. If some of the selected items are not restored successfully, these will remain highlighted in the list.

DETAILS: This button only applies to threats detected by Identity Protection. Upon clicking, it displays synoptic overview of the threat details

DELETE: To remove the virus forever

EMPTY VAULT: To get rid of everything in The Virus Vault


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