IObit Smart Defrag (2.7) – Freeware Review

Program Name: IObit Smart Defrag

AA. Cost: Free

BB. Is It Worth That Cost ?: Yes, with absolutely no reservations.

1. Ease Of Use – Just click and go. I would personally advise if you do use this program. To try to use the analyze option first before the full defrag. So you know how long it may take to run full scan.

1A. Interface – A very snazzy black border with gray interior with 2 main buttons – DEFRAG and ANALYZE (Both offer yet more options via a drop down menu). But there are also 4 tabs. (State (C:),  Automatic Defrag,  Boot Time Defrag and Report)

2A. Quality Of Analyze Scan Option – Very quick and accurate

2B. Quality Of Defrag Processes – Excellent

2C. Quality Of Defrag Optimization – Rather good. As I do not need to defrag as often after this scan is done. I also tend to keep my speed boost. That I get from the dual scan for a pretty lengthy time as well.

2D. Speed of Scan – Pretty quick, I find it on par with Auslogic disk defrag free

3. Updating – Does not automatically update itself. But instead directs you to IObit’s download page.

4. Can You Run Other Programs During A Scan ? Yes

4A. Can You Run Programs During An Update ? Yes

5. Is There A Progress Bar? Yes, there is a progress bar

6. Can you leave it running and it will run with out issue ? Yes

7. Is There Adware Or Spyware Bundled With It ? There is a toolbar and home page change option. But you can decline it (opt out) and there is also other IObit freeware that they ask if you want installed. But you can skip or decline that as well.

8. Is It Stable ? Yes, very much so

10. How Long Do Scans Take ? The first time you run smart defrag it may take awhile. After that cut the time at least in half.

Overall I give Smart Defrag (2.7) a – 4 out of 5 – Smart Deafrg crushes most of its competition with great ease. I highly recommend Smart Defrag to anyone. Who is sick and tired of the disk defragger built into Windows. And that goes double for Windows Vista users. Smart Defrag is very light on resources and safe to use. Even for the most tech impaired computer users out there.

Smart defrag also allows for a very accurate disk drive fragmentation readings (Such as 0.15 % disk drive fragmentation). Instead of getting stuck with whole number read outs (Such as 1.0% disk drive fragmentation) That is provided by one of it other disk defragger competition Auslogic disk defrag free.


1 Link You Can Use To Download Smart Defrag (2.7):


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