Scam Watch: Smart Phone And Tablet Apps That Are Convenient. But Should Be Avoided. Due To Security Concerns.

Dear Readers,

Today, I am writing about a very HOT topic “Smart Phone And Tablet Security Concerns.” What apps are best left alone for the sake of your overall security ? Now, I’m very aware that this is a topic. Which has been talked about a lot in both the media as well as financial institutes and privacy advocates.

Now I know. A lot of people out there figure that with the proper security precautions. That they are all good and safe by taking the very basic precautions such as having your mobile device locked via “4 digit pin code” “Facial recognizing” “Gesture Passwords” and of course the all might “Anti-Thief Apps.” That often come bundled in Apps such as AVG or Avira (just to name 2 of the more common Apps).

But you’d be both wrong and surprised. Why do you ask ? Well here are some very common free apps. That can cause all kinds of havoc if your mobile device is stolen or lost.

Here are a list of a few apps to consider avoiding:

1. Your main financial institutes branded app – Regardless of  your bank and regardless of how you use it. If your mobile device is lost or stolen. Your device info is up for grabs. Because if someone deliberately stole your mobile device. Then you should expect they are going after your data.

1A. How to avoid this risk:  It’s best to avoid this app and keep you banking in person, over the phone or via your much better protected PC or Mac computers.

2. Paypal app – This is easy they have your bank and credit card details. And often people forget to sign out. Or they asked for their password and username to be saved.

2A. How to avoid this risk: It’s best to avoid this app and instead keep Paypal transactions. On your much better protected PC or Mac computers.

3. eBay app– Again this is easy. If someone uses your eBay profile to buy something. You are bound by the eBay “ToU” (Terms of Use) to pay up if you are the winning bid.

3A. How to avoid this risk: It’s best to avoid this app and instead keep eBay bidding, buying and selling. On your much better protected PC or Mac computers.

4. Amazon Account App – Again with this one. The person can gleam a lot of your personal information. Such as credit card numbers, your home address and your purchase history.

4A. How to avoid this risk: It’s best to avoid this app and instead keep your Amazon transactions to the Amazon websites.


** Now you have to understand your always going to be at an elevated risk of ID theft and other types of fraud. Just based on the fact you have your Smart Phone or Tablet with you everywhere you go (I realize this may not be the case for everyone. But there are enough people out there that it does. So it is very important to note.). So that leaves you at a lot higher risk of your personal information to be compromised. Due to being lost or stolen.

***Now your also not out of danger of theft or fraud by using only your laptop or desktop. To process the above transactions or to keep tabs on your personal or financial data.  But at this point in time unless you are doing your financial dealings in person. Your gonna remain at some level of risk.

So, it is best to be vigilant. Keep your security software up to date and change your passwords on a regular bases.


****Now the above apps are by no means the only apps. That have a certain level of risk associated with them. But I have to leave off with saying “Just because an app is convenient. Does not make it safe. Nor does the fact that you downloaded said app automatically cause you an instant or immediate threat to your personal or financial data.”


Later Dayz,

Remy “Se7en”

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