Easy Calculator (1.3.1) – Android App Review

Easy Calculator (1.3.1)

Cost Of App: Free

Is there paid upgrade option ?: No

App Description: The best simple calculator for every day.It is the best simple calculator for everyday use. Unlike ordinary office calculator Easy Calculator lets you perform complicated expressions always keeping an eye on the input data.

Are there in App ads ?: No

A. Ease Of Use: 4/5 – Super easy to use. But the options can be a bit cryptic to some.

B. Security: No impact to smart phone or tablet security

C. Usefulness: 5/5 – I’d have to say this is way better then the bulk of built in calculators.

D. Smart phone Slowdown: No lag, that I noticed.

E. Tablet Slow Down: No lag, that I noticed.

F. Type Of User I Would Recommend To Use This App: Anyone who wishes to have a calculator that is not overwhelming. Yet is still able to do more complex tasks as well as be able to show all your work. May want to pick up this App.


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Till The Next Review,

Remy “Se7en”

4 Responses to Easy Calculator (1.3.1) – Android App Review

  1. Dave says:

    Hey Remy,

    Looking forward to good info in this column. These are things I can really use. Just go to the App Store on my HTC? My best to you and all your staff for a Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Dave says:

    Thanks Remy. As millions of others, I have an Android phone and a tablet. I can always use beneficial apps that actually work well. I still need to reply to the other column regarding firmware on newer devices, tablets, phones and all electronics units sold now a days. Everything has a microprocessor in it. It’s the interaction of these(by way of the firmware)microprocessors, that is at issue. I can explain more if inquiring minds really want to know. :-) It really puts a dampener on all these new and exciting new electronics. Let me know if you still want that. In the meantime, my best to you and everyone working this site, Erin and Matt especially, as you three are all that I know of so far….a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Just thought of something. Do you really want to know of all these issues with the new electronic products right before Black Friday. :-)


    • Remy "Se7en" says:

      Hey Dave,

      No problem. I am also flushed with Android related tech. So, I’m more then happy to share my experience with our readership. In the form of a review. But it is still rather new tech to me. So I’d say I’m still a middle of the road Android OS user. At this point anyhow.

      PS: Just a heads up Erin and myself are Canadian. So we have already celebrated Thanks Giving and Matt’s from the UK (So, I think the ladder applies to him as well). But we appreciate the sentiment regardless.

      PSS: Almost forgot to say Happy Thanksgiving myself. So “Happy Thanksgiving to you and your kin.” And try not to get trampled in the Black Friday rush and or the number crunching Cyber Monday.

      Later Dayz,


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