EPD 91: Fan Mail Friday’s (04/27/2012)

Sup Rem Dawg,

I love all your stuff. I even recently signed up for your (CSW) blog subscription. So I could keep on top of all your news, reviews and features. How do you get all that new content every week ? (without resorting to copying  and pasting ?) and how do you get all your writers to listen ? and work with you ?

Sent In By “CSW’s Very Own Social Blog Hound”


How do you get all that new content every week ? (without resorting to copying  and pasting ?) and how do you get all your writers to listen ? and work with you ?


Remy’s Answer: Wow. I can’t really say anything to that comment without sounding like an ego maniac or a bone fide narcissist.

I’m sure someone out. Heck maybe even someone on my own team may agree with one or both of thous statements.

But anyways onto the questions. The real reason why we are here.

Well first off lets set the record straight. The “terms and definitions” feature posted by William is in fact copy and pasted. All be it not the whole Wiki page. Just enough to get the point across of what the term means.

That is why William only posts them and has never claimed he wrote them. William also covers Tech news, which is often in part copy and pasted.

But he does use our own (CSW) templates the bulk of the time. Unless other wise indicated such as the recent Cnet stuff.


How do you get all that new content every week ?

A lot of work and effort. It also helps having an uber dedicated team backing me up. It is not a ONE MAN SHOW (There is a reason why the banner does not say Remy’s Weblog.)

It is really the (CSW’s) crew / team blog. Everyone on the team has their part to play. Each part is outlined by their job title and without each member of (CSW). There would be no blog and no content.

I am a very lucky Editor-In-Chief indeed. To just have the pleasure to have such a great team to work with everyday.

Not everyone can pull of a blog for 1 month. Let alone keep going and staying strong for nearly 4 years this coming May 1st.


How do you get all your writers to listen ? and work with you ?

That easy RESPECT. Without it. (CSW) is nothing and no one would want to work or write for (CSW). It would be a one person show and an absolutely pathetic endeavorer.

Give your team leeway and creative room. Some people are good on their own other people need some help. An idea or even a template.

Don’t say NO. Unless you absolutely have to. Give it a go and see if it works. If not, so what. Write something else.

Once you build a platform and you have readers. Your golden. That is easier to say then to do. But once you do have it. Keep it up and don’t ever take it for granted.

So now that I had my rant. Listen and let your writers write. Even if you don’t agree with everything they say.

People its called “personality” for a reason. Everyone has it. If your blog or site does not. It would be pretty boring hearing from the same person 365 days of the year.

Well that is my 2 cents on the subject. I’m sure everyone would have a different answer.


If you are keen and want all the latest (CSW) news. You can  follow via our main Twitter Page @ https://twitter.com/#!/Computer_Savvy  or via my very own personal Twitter Page https://twitter.com/#!/RemySe7en .

PS: Just a heads up to all our readership. I do indeed follow everyone back. If you follow me on my personal Remy “Se7en” Twitter account.


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Till Next Friday,

Remy “Se7en”

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