Q+A: Should I Delete That File From My Virus Vault / File Quarantine ?

RR 4.5

1. Where is the file from? (Internet, System file) Always check the Full System Pathway ?

**such as  c:/explorer.exe/usd

Explanation If it is a system file watch out. The file could screw up your computer. Please check with someone who knows computers before you deleted any such file.

2. What is the file extension ? (.exe, .sys, .gba)

ExplanationIf the file  is an .exe or .dll file. The file may prevent a program from running or cause system and or file corruption.

3. How may files are affected ?

ExplanationVery important, if the file is a virus that multiplies. You may have a very short time to fix it. Before it gets to be a major major issues or a complete computer write off.

Here are some ways you can tell if the virus you have is “Multiplier Type Virus”

– Every time you scan your computer there are more files infected.

– More program that were not infect start to act up. For Example Microsoft Office no longer works. Then you try to run your VLC media player again and now it no longer works. Then you may just have a “Multiplier Type Virus”.

4. Is it a mistake ? (Not many people can tell this unless, they know a lot about their system)

Explanation – For instance sometimes Java is show as a virus. But depending on where you got it and the security programs you are running. That can be a fairly clear false positive. Sometimes Peer 2 Peer file sharing programs will come up as a virus. So be careful.

5. Is it an Archive file ?

Explanation – Sometimes an archive file can accidentally be opened/activated by a virus scan alone or by manually opening it yourself. You maybe a little more protected by an archive file. If it is password protected because a lot of virus scanning software will be unable to open up such a file. Or the virus program may just come back with a warning or caution and that’s about it. Some virus programs may just skip the file altogether.

Till The Next Q+A Feature,


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