Scam Watch: Why Bluetooth Is A Security/Privacy Threat To You ?

Dear Readers,

How many of us use some type of Bluetooth devices ? and how many of us don’t even have any idea at all of type of how these devices work ?

Well, sadly I would probably have to say there are a lot of us out there. The main issue with “Bluetooth technology” is these devices work on a wide range different frequency’s. This range is measured in hertz (MHz) and depending on the frequency / level. You can determine how strong or weak the signal is and how clear your reception will be. The range of Hertz can be from 0 mhz (No signal at all) to 1000’s of mhz (Very clear and long range think law enforcement or military use). Depends where you are in relation to the device and what the weather is like where you are.

So you are asking me. What are the the security/privacy issue then ? Well the issue arises mainly because of the general design of Bluetooth devices.

The main problem is anyone with a Bluetooth enabled device has a program on their phone called scan or search for a network or a Bluetooth enabled device with in range. The range or distance that can be achieved can be anywhere from around 1 foot away to as much as 100’s of feet away.

When using a “Bluetooth search” and or “Network search” in a public area (such as a park or office building). You yourself may even be able to pick up a stray signals. It might even be possible in some cases to be able to listen in on others peoples communications.

I found that any Bluetooth enabled phone and other hands free devices (such as Bluetooth ear buds) maybe able to do this to some degree. Some phones and some hands free devices (such as Bluetooth ear buds) now even have a scan feature were your phone (or hands free device) will randomizes the signal from 1mhz to 1000’s mhz every few seconds. The problem being as long as the person is with in the devices range and there is no password or number lock on that signal (also know as wireless channel).

There is a risk of someone could be listening in on your phone call without you even knowing it. There are no clicking or chirping noises. Like the very old school wire taps and no signal interruption like a cloned or hacked phone and or other wireless devices.

Just be aware that just because it is cool looking and easy to use, DOES NOT MAKE IT SAFE. Plus a lot of highly sensitive Corporate and Government jobs are not allowed using Bluetooth and other wireless devices. Mainly because of the fact it is one of the easiest hacked communication device on the market. Plus these devices are only getting cheaper and easier to hack or compromise everyday.

Till The Next Scam Watch Feature,


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