PS Vita 1000 – Launch Window Review

(Warning this is a no BS review I have a PS Vita myself. I just don’t want people to believe all the hype and regret the decision thinking it is a i-phone or tablet PC or a 3DS for that matter.) I love my Vita. But it does have some major issues that very few people ever talk about….


– Very short battery life often way less then 5 hours of gameplay

– Both the Vita itself and the AC adapter is prone to over heating

– Very hard to hold the Vita with out hand cramping and or mistaking hitting the rear touch pad.

– Very expensive ($109.99 USD/CAD for just the core system. No Gamers or memory card are included)

– Very expensive memory sticks ($19.99 – $130.99 USD/CAD)

– Very expensive games for a handheld $9.99 – $59.99 CAD/USD. When compared to the 3DS.

– There is no battery indicator light to tell your  low on battery life. So a lot of people do not even realize that they have low battery. There is only a very quick message displayed that says  “power is low”. But people don’t know really know how much longer they will actually have till the Vita will just die on you.

– Very poor quality cameras

– Very poor sound quality when not using the media dock cradle.

– The power button is very hit and miss. Sometimes it will work with a slight press other times it will take a few seconds to turn on your Vita

– No flash player (So you can’t watch most videos online)

– No security apps

– The built in web browser is very hit and miss

– The content manager is terrible

– There are only 276 backwards compatible PSP titles

– PS Minis are touch and go some work other don’t

– PS Vita game saves are linked to the game itself. So you delete the game you delete the save file as well.

– It is nearly impossible to import PSP save files

– You need to keep on signing into the PSN. Pretty much every time you turn on your Vita or enter a game.

– Most games have really long loading times

– Buttons can be too small for larger hands

– The Vita comes with a really small  USB cable (But if you want a good size one it will set you back 14.99 CAD/USD)

– The touch controls can be fairly difficult to learn how to use. I’m talking about you read touch pad)

– Thus far the accessories for the Vita are pretty terrible

– There so far no certified Bluetooth devices

– Sony keeps on updating the Vita firmware with out telling us why or what it is suppose to do

– Thus far next to no promises Sony said before the Vita launch has come true (Lack of cross play and no PSone support)

– There are not a lot of games out and even less in the pipeline (At least the Pre-E3 line up)


– Very durable

– You can download some pretty cool apps. (Thou still very very limited at this point)

– Trophy support

–  Some really great games

– Amazing graphics

– W-ifi compatible

– Some games already have quite a bit of DLC

– Has very easy to use multiplayer

– Has a lot of useful features

– Has front and rear touchpads

– Has a front and rear cameras

– Don’t need special headphone adapter like so many other devices

So I give the PS Vita 1000 (Wi-Fi Model) a 3 out of 5 mainly because of it’s 3 major overwhelming flaws. First: The lack of overall Sony and 3rd party support for a new next gen top of the line handheld platform still in it’s launch window. Secondly: Not as many games as I would like to see for a mainstream handheld device still in it’s launch window. And Lastly: The Vita’s very short battery life.

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