How To: Keep Your Windows Live Messenger Free From Hacker And Bots

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Hello everyone and welcome to my new first “How To”. So anyways I have plenty to talk about. So lets get started, in this feature we are gonna talk about an issue that has been plaguing me over the last few weeks. I have been getting a ton of Hotmail friend invitations to join my friends list. All of which share a very common trademark of hackers and or bots.

Well what are thous trademarks I speak of. Well there are a few that are almost always associated with hackers and or bots trying to get at you through your MSN/Windows Live Messenger account.

Here is a list of the most common ways that MSN / Windows Live Messenger can be attacked:

1. You get an invite with a name with more then 4 like Adam2234565 wants to be your friends please accept or deny

2. There are several different versions of the same name one after the other like this Adam2325353. Then you deny the invite, Then another dradam24243 asks for permission to join you again.

3. Or a just plain non-sense name like sueitdown123 or abcdegfrg123….

Why dose “MNS/Windows Live Messenger” pose such an attractive target. Well first off the hacker or hackers can use bots. Who will use a ton of different combinations to try and get your trust and allowance into your friends list. Then from there they can install Trojans or Keyloggers.

If you are persuaded to accept a files or press on a link. Then you are asking for a virus. I personally recommend disabling all active links with in your MSN/Windows Live Massager…

Here is a simple how to guide for disabling links via MSN or Windows Live Messenger

1. Click on MSN/Windows Live Messenger Icon

2. Then Click On Options

3. Then Go down to second last option called “Security

4. Click you should see a bunch of check boxes and un-checked off boxes.

5. Now un-check off the box with “Allow Links In My Conversation Window And Contact List

6. Click Apply

7. Click Done

8. Now your are good and all of your links. Will now have to be copy and pasted in your web address bar to work.

So that brings me to what should you do to prevent bots or hackers in your friends list ?

1. Check your Privacy Settings

2. Don’t give out your username or e-mail address to just anybody

3. Never post your username on a public forum or in a comment section

4. Don’t stay logged on for long periods of time

5. Don’t use your full name as your e-mail address

6. Keep a log of all your conversations (It can be very useful in court or as proof of criminal intent)


If you guys have any question regarding this or any similar scam. Please don’t hesitate to comment or e-mail us @


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