How To: Stop Those Annoying Text Messages Ads

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Hello and welcome everyone a brand new and updated” How To” Feature. So why not proceed with the subject at hand. So “How do I stop all thous annoying text messages ads ?

So we here @ The Computer Savvy Weblog have decided to find out for you, and colour me surprised it is actually really simple.

**But a little disclaimer different cell/mobile phone companies have different ways of doing this. These are 3 methods I found that worked with most wireless companies.

All you need to do is follow these easy steps and then you should be home free:

Method 1:

1. To block a number from being able to text you

2. SEND the 10 digit wireless number (905-555-5555)

3. To SPAM or (7726)

4. Then you are done (Cost to you $0.00)

Method 2:

1. To stop a cell/mobile phone text messaging service

2. Text the word STOP or (7867) to the same number you are receiving the unwanted texts from (Some have 4 digit codes like (4444) or they may have a full 10 or 11 digit number.)

3. You should receive a confirmation of your service cancellation

PS: Depending on the service you are stopping. You may be charged anywhere from nothing at all to a few dollars.

Method 3:

1. If all else fails contact your wireless service provided and get them to help remove it for you.

PS: This method can also cost you. But generally most companies if you call their support line it won’t cost you anything. You just can’t call on the affected wireless phone.


If you have any questions regarding this or any similar issues. Please don’t hesitate to comment or e-mail us @



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