Scam Watch: The Problem With Privacy Track Erasers

Dear Readers,

I came across an issue that I never thought was even an issue. And so I gave the question to some of my team to mull over for a bit. And so I just received the results So here they are.

Now people are gonna say that track erasers are a necessary evil with computers and the Internet taking up more and more of our lives these days. And even more necessary with shared or public computers and I understand that.

But then people are gonna ask me. So what is the problem with erasing your tracks from prying eyes ? Well nothing other then the obvious it will completely erase said data. You won’t be able to get it back with out special software that can be pretty expensive. But that is not the only issue your computer stores files called temp files that make your computer load web pages and recently used programs like WORD, Way faster. So yes, in the short term your computer will speed up. But after a PC re-start normally done after such a track erase is done on your computer anyways. It will load those web pages and programs slower and in some cases a lot slower.

I just wanted all you guys to remember to pay attention to what you are doing with such programs. They can cause all sorts of chaoses to your computer and waste your tine.

Remy Recommends The Following :

* Like deleting passwords from websites you can’t remember ( make sure you know your password or have it somewhere you can check )

* Remember that when deleting cookies sometimes when you do online banking. The cookies will store preferences and even your debit and or credit card numbers, information in the cookie not the password or username section ( a lot of people forget that IE and even FireFox 3.6 will remember passwords and usernames. Sometimes in a COOKIE and sometimes in the PASSWORD section of tools )

* If you do a track erase and you want your WEB PAGES and PROGRAMS to load up like they did before the ERASE. Just start up the program fully, the same for Web pages then close it down fully make sure it no longer appears in the task manager. Then start your computer up again or load up web page again. Close the program or webpage again then when you open up the program or web page it should load up like it did before..ENJOY

Till The Next Time,

Remy “Se7en”

2 Responses to Scam Watch: The Problem With Privacy Track Erasers

  1. make-winddows-7-start-faster says:

    This information really helped me, I am sharing with a few friends.

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