How To: Fix Your Computer When It Freezes (Windows Edition)

Dear Reader,

Here are some tips to un-freeze your computer. That are both easy to do and generally very effective…

Disclaimer: I use these tips all the time. They do work, but sometimes they may require you to restart or even turn off your PC.

Never end ether EXPLORER.EXE or explorer.exe processes. It can cause permanent damage to your PC

Tip #1A For – Windows XP- : Ctrl + Alt + Delete – Now I know what you are thinking duh and everyone knows that one. Well regardless of if you do or do not know Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Most people don’t know what to do after the first part.

– The TASK MANAGER should open up. Then follow steps 1-7 below.


Tip #1B For Windows Vista– : Use your mouse and right click on where your time display is.

– Then click on the last option TASK MANAGER

– The TASK MANAGER should open up. Then follow steps 1-7 below.


Tip #1C For Windows 7- : Ctrl + Alt + Delete – This will bring up a menu with a list of options including “Lock This Computer”, “Switch User”, “Log Off”, “Change a Password” and “Start Task Manager”. Select “Start Task Manager”, if you do this right then :

– The TASK MANAGER should open up. Then follow steps 1-7 below.


Step 1. First click on the PROCESSES option

Step 2 Then when you are in the PROCESSES menu

Step 3. Click once on the USERNAME field. That will organize whats what system, or user action so on.

Step 4. Now look at what CPU usage is being used, all that means is click on wha ever has the number 8 to 100 in that column

Step 5. Now right click on your mouse and say END PROCESS.


Step 7. SAY YES

– Done if it works your computer should free up in a few minutes.

Tip #2 : Stop Updates or Program Scanning – This is an easy one just close Microsoft update or virus/adware/spyware scanner and it may free up your computer.

Tip #3 : Close some of your windows some people run like 10 or more windows at a time and it ends up causes your computer to have a stroke.

Tip #4 : Close all the programs you are running. You may be surprised that if you close them and re-open them again. Your computer may start working. It works a lot with P2P programs and Media players like BSPLAYER and VLC.


Till The Next Post,

Remy “Se7en”

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