AVG Free Anti-Virus Version (9.0.872) – Freeware Review

The Results Breakdown:

Passed – Did well in all the tests

Acceptable – Could go ether way. But in most cases it passed

Failed – AVG did not work at all or only worked 1 out of 10 times we ran the test

Undetermined – Too soon to tell or lacking evidence to provide a solid answer

Not Tested – Has yet to be requested or there is some limitations to prevent accurate test results


Stability Of Program –  Passed – No issues with stability at this point.

Has AVG Free Been Compromised By Hackers Or VirusPassed – So far this version has a clean bill of health.

Speed of ScanAcceptable – A little on the slow side as compared to the new “AVG Free Anti-Virus 2011 version”

Does AVG Free Do Automatic Updates By Itself Without IssuePassed – Yes, there seems to be no .CRT or .BIN files errors thus far.

Residential Shield TestFailed – AVIRA and AVAST tend to detect viruses before they infect your computer. While AVG picks up the virus after the fake and often only when you run a full system scan.

Internet Browser Cookie Detection and Removal TestFailed – You are way better off with something like SUPERAntiSpyware. AVG Internet cookie detection rate is terrible even with the option active and checked off.

Spyware/AdwareA Huge Fail – There is absolutely no surprise here. AVG Free seems to miss pretty much every type of Spyware or Adware we tested it against. We still feel that saying AVG Free is also an adware/spyware program as well as a virus program is a really hard pill to swallow. At least for the AVG Free 9.0.xxx version. I would stick to a dedicated program such as SUPERAntiSpyware or Spybot – Search and destroy. Instead of trusting your computer to be fully protected with just AVG Free Anti-Virus 9.0 alone.

Root Kit Detection Rate Failed – Root kit detection rate is very hit and miss

Win 7/ Vista / XP Virus Detection Rate Test – Win 7 Acceptable /Vista Acceptable / XP Acceptable –  Across the board the detection rate seems to have remained very static. But not where as good as the AVG Free 2011 version

Link Scanner/ Safe SearchFailed – I found no real good reason to use this option. There are a lot of false positive and some browser slow down. As well as some reported FireFox and IE Crashing.

E-mail ScannerFailed – Your are way better off just upgrading to AVG Free Anti-Virus 2011. There is such a difference in this option from AVG Free 9.0 to AVG Free Anti-Virus 2011. Even in just overall usefulness and effectiveness.


Overall Rating: 3 Passed, 4 Acceptable, 6 Failed, 0 Undetermined, 0 Not tested (Total # of tests done 13)


My Final Verdict: You are way better off just upgrading to the new AVG Free Anti-Virus 2011. So you have the best possible protection for your PC. But if for some reason you can’t upgrade to the newest version of AVG Free Anti-Virus. You are still way better off having this or another Anti-Virus program installed rather then none at all.


My Overall Score: 2/5


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4 Responses to AVG Free Anti-Virus Version (9.0.872) – Freeware Review

  1. WP C says:

    What is the avg 9.0.872 DOWNLOAD link to avoid all of the “free DOWNLOAD – 30 day trial” traps.

    All Free programs reviewed should have a URL that takes the user directly to the ‘real’ webpage.

    • Remy "Se7en" says:

      Dear WP C,

      Hi, yeah AVG/Grisoft pulled AVG 9.0.XXX free and paid from the net all together. So unless a friend has the install file, you will not find it. At least not on any site I am aware of.

      And that statement above is 100% backed up by our AVG contacts. You can only get AVG 2011 Free or Paid. AVG 8.5 and AVG 9.0 have been pulled. They are in fact forcing you to upgrade. If you want the best protection via AVG.

      So I hope that answers your question/comment,

      Remy “Se7en”

  2. dc says:

    That’s too bad…. :/
    I am a tech and I have used AVG for years, both free and paid. My philosophy is that as long as AVG keeps a good free program out there as a good samaritan policy, I will recommend it to all my clients. It’s been pretty good on my XP and Vista systems and many of my clients buy the full version based on my recommendation.

    It recently caught a virus getting into my machine, and unfortunately it now does not seem to update properly…. it keeps saying it requires a restart, but that never solves it. In the past I could manually fix it, but that doesn’t seem to be working now.

    I’d advise AVG to provide the older versions also, like 9.0.872, to people with older systems.

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