Scam Watch: Social Networking Dangers – A Need To Know Guide (Ver. 2.5)

Dear Readers,

A lot of people are still jumping on the Social Networking bandwagon. Websites such as Facebook, Myspace, HI5, Classmates, Twitter, Flicker and so on and many don’t even know. That there main purpose for joining said sites are so other people can find you and talk to you. They say the only reason social networking sites exist, “Is just for the purpose to stay connected with family and friends.“. So here is a list of very common issues and ways to fix said issues. That is the BIG BROTHER that is social networking websites.

1. Posting NUDE photos – People WTF !!! If I Google search your name and you just posted the picture there is a good chance. I’ll be able to see it in as few as 3 clicks.

2. Posting Recent Photos Of  Yourself – This is for those people that have the software such as facial recognize and any kind of editing software. Anyone with paint can screw with your image and re-post it. That is why some Law Enforcement personally can’t post any type of photos/Images even an out of data photo or image.

3. Posting To Much Information On Your Public Profile – Ok People we live in the age of the Internet and Google search engine technology. So all I need to say is come on people there is a thing called reverse look up. All you need to do is go to any Internet Phone Book or by dialing the operator. That is all the bad guys need is a Phone Number or Postal Code/Zip Code then your done like dinner. Be aware that Facebook and Classmates has been caught selling your private information to other companies.Without your consent and both have settled out of court in most if not all the cases.

4. Belonging To A Network On Facebook – I’ve just been told that if you belong to a certain network. Lets just say your old high school group “The Polar Bear’s Diving Team” anyone on that network can see your profile. Even thou you never consented to let them see any of your information.


Tips To Avoid Possible Issue Related to Priavte or Public Online Profiles

1. After signing up for any account whether it be Facebook or Hotmail. You should always strip your profile of all and all the useful information (This means everything people phone numbers, postal code/zip codes, country, address, the only thing left should be your e-mail or blog address (And only if it is not a personal life blog or dairy) and I use a different e-mail address because of SPAM from just Facebook alone.

2. Try to limit belong the  networks you belong to.

3. Google search you name every few week to see what you public profile shows to everyone (Who may search you). But this will work better if you do it on a computer that is not you main PC (I‘m not sure why ? Probably because of saved search results and Internet cookies)

4. The more up to date your profile. The more your are in danger from local Internet Predators.

5. The younger you are the less information there should be about you posted (and I mean under 18). Watch what you post such as  photos. Some pictures/images that seem alright to you, can really cause a lot of undue stress and possible embarrassment .

6. Be aware that colleges, university’s, police, and other companies are now using Facebook and Myspace. As well as personal blogs and websites to find out extra tid-bits of informations on possible applicants. I have also received a lot of complaints of people telling me. Remy the images I posted are of me just having some fun. But I often tell people to think of it this way. “Just imagine….Ok so you have a BONG, a JOINT or a bottle of RUM in your hands. What does that say to a person ? That does not know you and is trying to pear down possible applicants. To the best possible person for that job or better yet to become a police officer/firefighter. Or even for that matter to be a baby sitter for my 3 year old niece.

Hope that helps. Because being a little paranoid today can really save you from future issues down the line.


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Till My Next Post,

Remy “Se7en”

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    Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I wanted to say that it’s nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first place that told me the answer. Thanks.

  2. Sydney Crenwelge says:

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