WTF: Do I Really Need A FaceBook Account ?

EPD #19

Today, I am going to talk about a real interesting subject. I am starting to see a lot ?  Well in this “WTF” episode I am going to chat about if we all need a FaceBook account to be cool and in touch ?

Well there are plenty ways to use Facebook.

– Chatting to your friends

– I suppose you could find a love interest (But I would not really recommend doing that on FaceBook)

– Play Games

– Share Images

– Make Money

***To name a few of the many things you can do….


So I ask myself this . “Why do I need a Facebook account?” I have plenty “O” friends and I chat to them all the time face to face and at parties.

Well as you guys probably know that The Computer Savvy Weblog (CSW) dopes not have a Facebook Page. I (Ding Dong Danny) have been asked along with our humble admin (Remy “Se7en”). Why we don’t have a FaceBook group or page.

Well there are a few reasons for it. Since we here at the (CSW) talk about subjects such as scams and other sensitive subjects. We feel it best that we allow our readership complain and have piece of mind. That they will not be attacked by a person or company. They may wish to complain about….


Well that still leave the Q “Does everyone need a FaceBook account?”

Well some quick facts:

Name: Danny

Age: 24 years old

Sex: Male

FaceBook Status: I barely use it


FaceBook And The Many Safety Concerns

Well there are a lot of issues with safety and privacy. Such as some of the following:

– People stealing your images

– People hacking into your account

– Old Girlfriends/Boyfriends tracking you down

– Old Friends you don’t want to find you can track you down

– You post something online you can’t take back

– You can lose a job

– You can be passed over for a job

– FaceBook Addiction

+ Many many more


Well maybe this will help you guys out a little. We have 32 member who run this blog/site.Of that only 3 of us have a Facebook account, that is still is active.

We range in age from 16-27 and both male and female from all over the world.


My Final Conclusion: So, do you need a Facebook account to be cool and in the in crowd NO you don’t. Is it worth the risk ? Yes fro me but not for the bulk of the members of this blog/site. You really need to think about who maybe looking at your profiles. And do you really want that many people to know you. I would generally say hell no……


If you guys have any questions or comments on the above subject. By all means contact me at ether or my personal e-mail address or just simply leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.



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Till The Next WTF Moment Hits Me,

Ding Dong Danny


20 Responses to WTF: Do I Really Need A FaceBook Account ?

  1. pochp says:

    I agree. We don’t really need to join FB. Especially those careless with their privacy. I use FB just to share valuable info and promote my site. I prefer LinkedIn which is just for professionals -no hanky pankies.

    • Ding Dong Danny says:

      Dear Pochp,

      I am happy you agreed, I figured I would be getting a ton of hate mail. Good to see that is not the case at least as of yet.

      Nice To Hear From You Again,


  2. Nnamdi says:

    It is optional. I use it as an extension of my online brand and advise clients to do the same.

    • Ding Dong Danny says:

      Dear Nnamdi,

      Yes I am well aware that FaceBook is optional. But a lot of people feel it is required to be cool or in the “in crowd”.

      Thanks for your comment,


  3. Monty Ogan says:

    This is such a outstanding resource that you’re supplying and also you give it away for no cost. I appreciate seeing sites that realize the worth of delivering a prime resource for totally free. I really loved reading your post. Thanks!

    • Ding Dong Danny says:

      Dear Monty Ogan,

      I am happy you like my feature and felt it was an “outstanding resource”.



  4. offshore bank account says:

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    • Ding Dong Danny says:

      Dear offshore bank account,

      Thanks for the kind words. I am glade you enjoyed my post.

      Thanks for the comment,


  5. Milan Reisling says:

    Thanks, interesting post

  6. rv covers says:

    discovered your web page on today and quite liked it..
    i bookmarked it and will be back to examine it out some effective later .

  7. Confused says:

    Yes I am still in a midst of whether or not wanting to get a facebook account. Although i have a facebook acc in the paste but i closed it because due to alot of old friends that I do not wish to connect with them anymore found me and try to add me. I hate those people, they are the undesireable type of people, another word dangerous people who do criminal things. But I fear that I will miss out legitimate friends without having a facebook account as well. So I am still deciding whether or not I want to have a facebok account. before nyone comment that I can approve or disaaprove any friend request, the prob with that is those undesireable people that I dissaprove will lead to a negative impression and they can harm me for that. Yes they are those people that you really want to avoid, drug user, junkie etc.

    • Danny says:

      Dear Confused,

      Wow you are indeed in a rough spot. Not really sure what to say in this situation. Other then maybe saying “Be very careful regardless of what you do decide to do and seek help if at all possible.”

      As always I’m sorry that anyone has to be put in your position…..


  8. pochp says:

    Just my two cents — if I were you, I’ll close my messed FB account and use Flink12 or Google+. With these 2 apps, you are the only one who could control it.

  9. @WorriedAboutTheWorld says:

    I agree. If you really want to see how someone is doing.. CALL THEM!! It seems like everyone is worried about the NSA and their privacy but every minute they have to post a picture of their food or where they are eating or who they saw in the store… SAD!!!

    • Remy "Se7en" says:

      Dear @WorriedAboutTheWorld,

      Indeed. People often put themselves in bad situations. Because they don’t think before they click post or publish. If they did, I’m sure to a lot of people they would find Facebook a lot less interesting. Without all the gossip, cyber stalking and drunken photo shoots.

      While at the same time companies and society are making almost everything linked up to Facebook at some level. So I have to coincide that there will be contest I can’t enter people I won’t be able to track down. And news I’ll miss.

      But, I rather that then loss my privacy and give the people. I don’t want to talk too track me down via Facebook or use my user data for demographic information. That Facebook sells without most of it’s users bases own knowledge.

      Later Dayz,

      Remy “Se7en”

  10. Steve Rogers says:

    I have noticed a trend for local news and television networks in San Diego now requiring responses to commentaries be posted only on Facebook or you cannot respond. I think this is wrong, We are forced to open a Facebook account just to express an opinion. What gives Facebook the sole rights to internet access? Are these media outlets aware that Facebook is not the only way to make a comment or are they just lazy?

    • Remy "Se7en" says:

      Dear Steve Rogers,

      Thanks for your story about your local news going all Facebook. When it comes to commenting.


      Q: What gives Facebook the sole rights to internet access ?

      A: Nothing really, other then they will pull in a lot more traffic then non-social media ways. Like snail mail or random forums.


      Q: Are these media outlets aware that Facebook is not the only way to make a comment or are they just lazy ?

      A: Like I said above they see the sheer numbers of hits/views they get as compared to not having a Facebook page to deal with comments and day to day news. Are they lazy perhaps a bit. But more then anything it is the math and money that is talking. Not laziness in this case at least.


      Later Dayz,

      Remy “Se7en”

      • Steve Rogers says:

        So, it’s “all about the money” and not really caring what the readers think. I should have known. That seems to be the way of things these days. Maybe the media doesn’t realize that not everyone has a Facebook account, nor do they want one. Many of these “social media” sites, especially Facebook have bad reputations. This, in my opinion, reflects negatively on the credibility of the news media restricting commentator’s to one choice…Facebook or forget about it.

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