Scam Watch: What Is Safer Skype Or MSN/Windows Live Messenger ?

Dear Readers,

(Last Updated March 4, 2010 @ 1:30 pm EST)

Yeah, Scam Watch is back and why not proceed with the subject. We have been talking about for the last few posts and features….

So to the meat so to speak…I have been asked pretty much every question about MSN, Hotmail and Skype. So I decide to finally write a “Scam Watch” feature on the subject. You guys seem so interesting in understanding….

So to the core of the question that brings us to the subject matter.

Q: What Is Safer Skype Or The Old Stand By MSN/ Windows Live Messenger ?

A: Well, I still have to say… is still MSN/ Windows Live Messenger. Why you may ask well there is a new third party add-on for Skype which gives your exact GPS location.

MSN / Windows Live Messenger still gives you some measure of safety and privacy. But for how long that it will last is anyones guess…and with all the hack attempts by both bots and people. I imagine not very long before people will switch in mass to another form of easy integrated messenger service like Twitter.

Other then that there really is not much else I can suggest to stay safe in this matter. Other then maybe to say don’t ever use your real name or use important numbers., names of pets, or nick names everyone knows and for G-d sake please keep your private information to yourself and keep your profile out of the public view.

EXTRA INFO: Always strip your profile as soon as your account has been activated and can be viewed by others.


If you guys have any question regarding this or any similar scam. Please don’t hesitate to comment or e-mail us @


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