What Does The Term “Junk File” Mean ?

Junk Files – is a very common term that describes any files that is orphaned or has no real values to the user of said computer. Junk Files are also commonly refereed among tech people as “ghost files or phantom files” for the main reason they don’t scream I am a junk file and you don’t need me. Junk files can be have pretty much any file extension such .tmp , .exe. But what they all have in common is that they are created from regular use of your computer or Internet and will after awhile will take up memory and slow down your computer and or clutter up your registry.

Now, there are many ways to get rid of such files and you probably have a program on your computer already. That will be able to locate such files and remove them. But I personally use to try to remove them myself by hand for sometime when I did not know any better. But now I use a few paid programs to get rid of them such as PC Pitstop, PC Tools, and Tuneup Utilities 2009. Now if you want to go free then there are CCleaner, 10bit,  Glary Utilities. What I recommend to people is try them on for size and see what programs you like. But a great resource and my personal favorite download site is http://download.cnet.com/windows/ …..Please do yourself a huge favorite and take the time out to read the descriptions and reviews….Trust me there are things users will figure out that are not said in the description.


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