WTF: The Bigger The Server, The Harder They Fall ?

EPD #10

Today, I am going to talk about a real strange issue I see all the time and what is this issue ?  Well it is when your favorite site goes down no matter if it is ISOHunt or twitter or even Facebook over the last little while. They all have been hit with such traffic that they have gone down and gone down hard.

So then, why does our favorite main stream sites go down ?

Well there could be a number of reasons…Hackers, overwhelming traffic, maintenance and the all mighty technical difficulties….


So I ask myself this …why do such main stream sites go down at all ? Because of traffic should they not know that such things will happen. Especially when it comes to video game sites or download sites when new versions of certain software is released.

Well I have personally asked certain sites and besides the all mighty dollar. The other reason for downed services or services are just overwhelming demand and in the end how much bandwidth you have. Which of course is a guess all these sites are making so when unforeseen things happen. Your gonna get the sorry we are over loaded or come back later we all are seeing more and more lately


My Final Conclusion: So, will it get worse..I can personally guarantee it and on top of that I would bet my own money on it happening more and more as we move towards 2011 and beyond. Why money is tight and some things just blow up such as Twitter and Facebook that will need to keep increasing while other sites will see such slow downs that they will no longer need as much bandwidth as a few years ago.


If you guys have any questions or comments on the above subject. By all means contact me at ether or my personal e-mail address or just simply leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.



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Till The Next WTF Moment Hits Me,


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