AVG Free Anti-Virus 8.5/9.0 Will Not Scan

Dear Readers,

(Last Updated Oct 23, 2009 @ 10:00 pm EST)

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If this does not answer you issues please go to my post titled https://computersavvy.wordpress.com/2008/05/25/avg-free-anti-virus-free-8-59-0-update-some-more-fixes-covers-all-avg-free-anti-virus-versions-including-8-5-392-8-5-406-8-5-408-8-5-409-8-5-420-8-5-421-8-5-422-8-5-423-9-0-686-and-9-0-698/ That post covers all know issues for AVG 8.0, 8.0.100 and 8.0.138, 8.0.169, 8.0.173, 8.0.175, 8.0.176, 8.0.233, 8.0.234, 8.0.237, 8.5.276, 8.5.278, 8.5.283, 8.5.285, 8.5.287, 8.5.325, 8.5.336, 8.5.339, 8.5.364, 8.5.374, 8.5.375, 8.5.386, 8.5.392, 8.5.406, 8.5.408, 8.5.409, 8.5.420, 8.5.421. 9.0.686 and the new 9.0.698 update/patch.

Along with a lot of other AVG 8.5/9.0 issues that I have received. I have also received a lot of e-mails regarding the fact that people just can’t run an AVG scan at all. So this is what I am saying to these people just follow these simple steps and AVG Free Anti-Virus 8.5/9.0 should work and don’t worry it is a lot less clear and I’m almost ready top say way too over complicated to run the new AVG 8.5/9.0 Free Anti-Virus edition. So no worries BEFORE SCANNING YOU SHOULD TRY TO UPDATE THE VIRUS DEFINITIONS FIRST.

Instructions On How To Update Your Virus Definitions

1. Right click with the mouse on the AVG task bar icon it is Yellow, Blue, Green and Red.

2. Then choose the second option that says UPDATE NOW. It should load up in a pretty short time. But if it says can not connect or connection failure. Then just close any other programs connected to the Internet and then try again..

Instructions On How To Scan Using AVG  Free Anti-Virus 8.5/9.0

1. First Right click with the mouse on the task bar icon

2. Select the bold face option OPEN AVG USER INTERFACE

3. AVG should open the main window….

4. Then choose the second option COMPUTER SCANNER it has a Magnifying Glass as the icon in front…

5. Once the menu appears there are two computer icons one on the left that says SCAN WHOLE COMPUTER. Then there is lower case blue writing underneath the SCAN WHOLE COMPUTER. Click on that and it will bring you to Options.

6. Leave everything checked and make sure that underneath it says AUTOMATIC SCAN IN THE SCAN PRIORITY BAR

7. Then on the bottom right select the first button that says START SCAN. This will start a regular system scan most computers will take between 30 mins- 5 hours or more and don’t be surprised if your computer will not run right and or really slow or will not connect to the Internet..


1. Follow same steps 1,2,3

2. But this time choose the blue writing underneath the right most icon it looks like a file folder in a stand

3. Click on the blue righting and it will bring you to a menu

4. Choose all the options other then the one that says SCAN SYSTEM ENVIRONMENTYou don’t need that one…It should only be used for your main drives

5. The Scan priority should be on Automatic scan…

6. Click the first button on the bottom right that says.. NEXT

7. Choose your drive by check marking it then…Press START SCAN

There you go people a step by step guide to AVG 8.5/9.0 FREE ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE…

Till Next Time,

Remy “Se7en”


5 Responses to AVG Free Anti-Virus 8.5/9.0 Will Not Scan

  1. andrew says:

    Can you provide more information on this?

  2. Spyware Blockers says:

    I only wanted to say thanks for all the great info found on your blog, even helped me with my job recently :) keep it up!

  3. lucky says:


    I followed your instruction but still couldnot find for scan, may it is not working or so. I went through start scan but I did not work as I have followed your instruction. Why its not working??

    will you plz help


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