Scam Watch: 1-800/1-900 Number Scam

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(Last Updated Oct 1, 2009 @ 4:53 pm EST)

Hello everyone… I’m back and this time with a very very common scam. I myself have heard every reason in the book. Why people fall for this clear cut scam…

So what is the 1-800/1-900 Number Scam” ? – This scam is all about mis-information and mis-direction. the way this scam works is to trick you into feeling safe with free minutes or calls….This _________ call is free for the first 5 mins or first 5 calls are 100% free. The problem is in the fine print it says that they the company that runs the service can choice what 5 mins block they chose to be free. Most times the part free is actually the answer machine and not even a human voice that is the free part…The part that says for male press #1 for Female press #2. There is also a huge blackmail factor as well…if you are calling a “sex line” or even a “self help line” they already have your preferences (whether it be hard-core sex, gay sex or something in between) and on top of that. You are already telling them everything they need to know to keep in their back pocket to hold over you if you refuse to pay.

Important fact all of these call are recorded. I have heard some really odd recording as well as some really really bad quality recorded conversations. But regardless they are still stashed away…only to be erased after the person has paid there balance.

Another fact is that in most regular telephone companies contracts you sign for landline and or cellphone service. Say very clearly they will not intervene in private or phone call of a sensitive nature and they will only track phone calls for phone bill reasons and will not alert said customer if 1-8000 or 1-900 calls appear on any one bill.

The main problem still remains that there is no way to really tell what number is legit and what number is not. Even if said number were legit and on the level said number could be hijacked and used for illegal purposes by any number of organizations.

Ways to prevent getting caught up in this scam:

– Never call any number when you are not in your right mind (Drunk , High, depressedOther then 911 or other emergency numbers or the child help phone

– If you make said call (Make sure you are not put on hold or have a long period of time where there is a computer or recording you will get charged for that)

– Make the it on a pay phone or if at all possible on a hotel/motel room phone (Still will be charged but there is way more discretion used)

– Use an accurate stop watch to time your call

– Always follow on your bill and see if the call time matches your call time

– Never sign up for any service on the phone or online

– If you have a gut feeling you are being taking for a ride…stop right there and hang up

– Ask friends or family if they have heard of the company or number…

– Do a Google’ll be surprised what you can come up with.


If you guys have any question regarding this or any similar scam. Please to hesitate to comment or e-mail us @


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Later Dayz,

Remy “Se7en”


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