Nintendo Game Boy Advance e-Reader – Gameboy Advanced Accessories Review

Dear Readers,

I am happy to be reviewing the Nintendo Gameboy Advanced e-Card Reader. I was able recently able to get one with the whole set of e-Cards…which is no easy feat. So here is the review…enjoy

What it Came With: E-card reader the unit, 7 demo cards, 1 rare Pokemon game card

Price: $10 – $100 Hard to find for cheap….but you can find anything online

Features: 6.5/10 – Nintendo dropped the ball on this one big time….there was a whole load of promises that at least the North American Market missed out on…There how ever the games that they did deilver on did a very good job….

Ease of use: 6/10 – I have read a lot of reviews that say this thing is very easy to use….that is a BIG LIE you need a Gamecube + The GBA link Cable or 2 yes I said 2 GBA’s or GameBoy SP’s…LAME

Battery Use: Medium – Very High

Overall Value6.5/10 – Very, very limited unless you have the following games…

– Super Mario Advanced 4: Super Mario World 3 – Gameboy Advanced Game

– Animal Crossing – Gamecube Game

– Pokemon Ruby – Gameboy Advanced Game

* I’m sure there are other games…but I’m not aware of anymore in the North American Market…

See You on the flip side,

Remy “Se7en”


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