AVIRA Free Anti-Virus – How To Find The File Quarantine/Virus Vault

Dear Readers,

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I have been asked repeatedly to post a how to guide to find the File Quarantine..which is also know as the Virus Vault…so since you guys ask so nicely here is is…

1. First use RIGHT mouse button on AVIRA TRAY ICON

2. It should open up a Small Menu

3. Select START AVIRA..which is the second option down


5. Select the heading that says ADMINISTRATION

6. Now click on the FIRST option that says QUARANTINE

7. Now you should have a full list of INFECTED or QUARANTINED FILE..

Hope This Helps,


9 Responses to AVIRA Free Anti-Virus – How To Find The File Quarantine/Virus Vault

  1. Wayne says:

    Thanks Dude XD

  2. Debt Settlement says:

    Sorry for my bad english. Intresting title. It attracted me to read the complete post. Thanks

  3. Rafael Desrosiers says:

    Hi Remy or Se7en,

    I just read the post and I don’t know if I’m at the good place to ask that question but I’ll do. I just installed Avira yesterday and today Avira popped like 3 time saying that I had trojan in three different places : Borderlands (the game) COD MW:2 and another place I don’t remember. I just checked Quarantine to all of them . Then when I tried to play those games it just doesnt work. I uninstalled Avira and reinstalled my games but I still can’t play. But the error is that I uninstalled Avira so I can’t have the missing quanrantined files. What can I do ? Sorry for my bad english feel free to ask me to explain more if I’m not clear. Thanks you a lot, I hope my post is at the good place.

    Rafael Desrosiers

    • Remy "Se7en" says:

      Dear Rafael Desrosiers,

      Ok so the problem is that you have deleted your AVIRA and with your “Call of Duty 2” and “Borderlands” files in it. So if you did not delete the files from the Quarantine then they are still there. But it is gonna be hard to find. So your best bet is to try something like CCleaner to remove your ghost files also called junk files.

      There is also another option and this will vary depending on your operating system XP, Vista or Windows 7. Now depending on what operating system you have, you’ll need to enable hidden files. Which can be done via the control panel and advance system options…Again this will depend on what Operating system you have….

      But please be careful if you delete the wrong files. You’ll corrupt your registry or your Windows regardless of your version. You’ll be looking for a file folder such as AVIRA%#%# (It will look something like that. You’ll be able to figure out just by the odd file folder NAME.)

      Oh and your English is just fine…

      You can get more direct instructions on how to find how to enable your hidden system files via Microsoft.com help section. Just put in hidden files and what your operating system is. There should be plenty of FAQ’s that will range in difficulty and you can find on you’ll find easy to find.

      (I would recommend Trying something like CCleaner first) Oh you can find that @ http://download.cnet.com/windows/

      Hope that gives you a good start,

      Remy “Se7en”

  4. Ariya Dwi Nugrahanto says:

    hehehe thank you for posting very useful \(´▽`)/

  5. mightymike012 says:

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