How To Get Rid Of The New Ad/Nag Screen From AVG Free Anti-Virus

Dear Readers,

(Last Update Aug 6, 2009 @ 9:00 pm EST) CAUTION: This post is extremely out of date and said method described in post. May no longer work for current AVG Free versions.

I have been pounding my head against the wall trying to figure out how to get rid of the new AVG Free Anti-Virus Pop-up or ad/nag screen. I have surmised that the screens appear mostly at random, but I have found that said screens happen more during the time you open your Internet browser FireFox or IE does not matter.

So I looked into it and it appear the AVG Free Anti-Virus Forum has the solution which I posted below….

Apparently from what I gathered from the statement below:

The pop-up should have only have shown once unless there is another reason like leftovers from a previously un-installed anti-virus or other protection software. Perhaps you aren’t using a user account with administrator rights and it can’t make the changes…

So… make certain you are logged in with an admin account when the pop-up happens… if that isn’t it, try the following.

So now here is the fix from the AVG Free Anti-Virus Forum :

First let’s start by cleaning up all temporary files and check for registry issues. I prefer a until called CCleaner found at (Or if you have the money I use PC Tools: Registry Mechanic) Both program do a much better job than the built in “Windows Disk Cleanup” . When checking for registry issues, run it a few times 3-5 times until there are no longer any issues. (I have scanned using both programs more then 5 times it will not damage your computer.)

Check your hard drive for file/system errors by running “chkdsk“.

1. Open My Computer and right click on Local Disk C:

2. Selecting Properties,

3. Click the Tools tab and in the Error Checking area click the “Check nowbutton and select both options.

4. It will tell you that it can’t test the drive right now and it will ask if you want to schedule it for the next system startup…

5. Select Yes.

6. Restart your computer so that it can check the drive. This test will take some time to run and at times may appear stalled but just let it run.

7. After the computer has re-started do a  full Disk Defrag. I personally recommend one of these 2 programs to defrag your computer Auslogics Disk Defrag or Smart Defrag No WORRIES BOTH ARE 100% Free


Here is yet another fix by one of my readers (SteveGIMP):

The pop-up adds are html files found in the folder: Program Files\AVG\AVG8\Notification\. Delete those files and the associated image/css files, or move them to another location.

In addition, to get rid of the dropdown ads from the AVG control panel, go to Program Files\AVG\AVG8\ and delete the following:



Till Next Time,

Remy “Se7en”


6 Responses to How To Get Rid Of The New Ad/Nag Screen From AVG Free Anti-Virus

  1. Mochamad Agung Permana says:


  2. Joseph Brown says:

    as above; This is the NAG: avgresf.dll –

    These are webpages:
    avgsbfree_us.mht for some NAG. Just rename the extension them say .dll555 and .mht555 so the extention is not recocnisable by DOS

    excample: avgresf.dll555

    Every time you re-install you need to do this again.
    Now everytime you get a new version from AVG or major update, they put the avgresf.dll back.
    Just delete it and leave the avgresf.dll555

    This has not failed to to date to rid of that NAG

    • Remy "Se7en" says:

      Dear Joseph Brown,

      I appreciate the heads up on how to dis-able the AVG Nag ad. But honestly I have no issues with it. But I know a lot of my readers do..

      So thanks again,


  3. Werecow says:

    Old thread, but… Thanks for the info posted from SteveGIMP and Joseph Brown. That “fix” from the AVG forum has nothing to do with removing the nag, though, as the procedure given is only a routine disk and registry cleanup that won’t affect the four files of interest.

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