AVG Free “404 Error” Maybe caused By AVG Safe Search Add-on

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(Last Updated June 8, 2009 @ 8:01 pm EST)

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I have been getting a lot of mail recently about this AVG Free Anti-Virus “404 Error”. To be honest, I have looked into this issue a  number of times and found not a whole lot about it. I figured at the start it was browser related FireFox 3 or the new IE 8 but soon after trying to get the error myself. I was successful when turning on the AVG Free Add-ons “Safe Search” and “Link Scanner“.

So your probably wondering what is Se7en trying to say well when it comes down to it. It is pretty simple just disable both the “AVG Link Scanner” and “AVG Safe Search” and re-start your browser and see if you get the same error. I would say it is pretty unlikely that the 404 website error will be present.

By all means please let me know. If you have encountered a different reason for this error.

Till my next post,


2 Responses to AVG Free “404 Error” Maybe caused By AVG Safe Search Add-on

  1. Dave says:

    AVG is great, but only as much as a free AV can offer. I would realy recommend that people rather use a good cheap product than a free half cast product.

    • Se7en says:

      Dear Dave,

      That is what I have been saying all along…just because it is free does not mean it should suck…

      Thanks for the comment,


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