Scam Watch: List Of The Most Common Scams + Explanation Of Each (Ver. 3.0)

Dear Readers,

So after plenty of e-mails, comments and the such. Asking me to please update this and get it up ASAP. I have decided to put some time aside and re-work this Scam Watch Feature. So it reflects both new and old scams along with some updates and classification. Hope you guys enjoy.

1. Foreign Bank Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Phone) “What is a Foreign Bank Scam ?” – This scam is were someone tells you there is a lot of money in a foreign account and you have to sign for it or transfer it to your bank account. There by stealing all your money please be aware it can be real slow like 0.1 cent to $1 dollar to hundreds of dollars depends on how greedy the scammer is.

**Most scammers using this type of scam. Tend to try to prey on a persons sadness / grief saying that someone has died or there has been a real bad accident or natural disaster. Don’t be fooled even if they give you a real news link. Such as CNN or BBC. They do sometimes used real troubles or news stories to trick people into giving up your money**

If you wish to see my e-mail address list for this scam. Please use the following link: Foreign Bank Scammers List

2. Foreign Lotto Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Regular Mail, Phone) “What is a Foreign Lottery Scam ?” – This scam is very simple, they want you to reply to the e-mail with a bunch of personal information about yourself in an attempt to trick you into thinking you won a large sum of money. Even thou you PROBABLY did not even enter any lottery or contest. The main reason for this can be anywhere from getting your e-mail address and phone number for a call list. Or just to get your home mailing address to run a scam or to steal your belonging.

If you wish to see my e-mail address list for this scam please use  the following link: Foreign Lotto Scam Mail List

3. This is a Promotion Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Regular Mail) What is “This is a Promotion SCAM” – This scam is where a store or person claims their from a good company like DELL, MSN, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and so on and claim you won something normally money and other times they offer prizes like computers, Mp3 players, TVs and so on.

This is generally a very poorly done e-mail scam. But I have seen people fall for it. I have knowledge of at least 50 people who were victims to this type of scam. Most of the time there are no graphics in the e-mail not even company logos. Also normally the very short and normally in an odd font.

The reason for this scam is to get background information for calling lists, home addresses, or just to play with people. If you wish to see my e-mail address list for this scam please use the following link: Promotion Scam Mail List

4. PayPal Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail or Infected Link Or Cloned Website Log-in Page) This scam is mostly threw e-mail where you’ll receive an e-mail with an embedded link said link will bring you to a cloned log-in page.

Which will then prompted you to enter your username and password. (At which time they will steal log-in info. Then soon there after. They will access your account and steal your funds)

This scam is really harmful because you can lose a lot of money. Plus they will have all your credit card and bank info + your home and or business address and so on.

This scam is very hard to bounce back with no money lost. Or at least having to to change all your information to prevent further damage. To view my list of scammers e-mail address press on the following link Paypal Scam Mail List

4A. PayPal Invoice Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Regular Mail) “What is the PayPal Invoice Scam ?” This scam is where a bunch of blanket e-mails are sent out that look like a legit Paypal invoice. But it is missing the name you registered with.

Meaning it just says DEAR PAYPAL MEMBER, instead of Dear John Doe. The current version I have been getting is an invoice for an APPLE i-Pod Touch 16gb.

The e-mail  gives you all the information you’d expect. But only I never made that purchase. So then IF YOU DID NOT MAKE THIS PURCHASE. Please press DISPUTE TRANSACTION LINK (Encrypted).

**Do Not press on any of the links in this e-mail**

5. Hotmail Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail)  This scam is super common. There seems to be a new round of e-mails nearly every day some have subject lines such as “re-activate your account or reply to this e-mail or HOTMAIL will terminate your account.

I have never received a legit e-mail of this type. They are sometimes very convincing and even have logos and graphics of Hotmail and or Windows Live. If you need more help please refer to the following link: Hotmail Scam Mail List

6. You Have Just WON Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Website, Regular mail, Text Message) This is the oldest scam out there, but this is really specific type of scam.

The message can’t say anything about a lottery or anything about a promotion. It will just say you won normally in big letters. sometimes you have to reply in some form to claim your prize or go to the next stage. Other times you maybe asked for money upfront. This scam is not normally done for harmful reasons. Other times its just to add you to an annoying call list. Yes, I agree very annoying but not harmful other then maybe to trees.

7A. Real Bank ScamTYPE 1 – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Website, Regular Mail, Text Message) This scam can come in the form of any real life bank. But most of the time it will be big banks such as THE BANK OF AMERICA, HSBC and so on. Most times they will even use real e-mail addresses. That will look spot on to the real e-mail the bank would sent. But will not have your real name in the heading it may just say DEAR CUSTOMER. Which should be a clear warning sign to you.

7B. Real Bank ScamTYPE 2 – (Type of Scam: E-mail or Fake Website) This scam is when a random scammer phishing e-mail guesses that you have an account with real banks like EGG, Bank of America, Bank of Montreal and then they say you need to update your banking information or your account may have had illegal activity recorded.

This scam in a lot of cases are really easy to catch via the return e-mail address or by the fact you don’t have an account with that bank. Another big clue would be if they don’t use your real name anywhere in the e-mail.

8. e-Bay Scam – (Type of scam: E-mail, Website, Text Message) This scam is were someone pretending to be an official e-Bay member tries to get your log-in info and racks up transactions on your account or try’s to make you look bad via bad comments.

Most often done via a embedded links on an official looking e-mail watch for this one. It happens more often then you may think. The way you can tell is by the fact the e-mail will  not use your registered name like me it would be Dear Computer Savvy and not Dear Customer. The best thing to do is to report it to e-Bay.

9. e-Bay Seller Scams

A. Incorrect Pictures / Images  – Meaning they are using stock or Internet pictures of the item they are trying to sell. So they don’t show it is a fake they are trying to sell you. Like a stock photo of a video game cover. But when you receive the item it is really FUZZY and in fact a BOOTLEG. BEWARE this happens all the time and is one of the top e-bay scams.

B. Incorrect Shipping Amount – There is one amount listed on the auction like lets just say $9.99 USD. But when you buy and confirm the purchase of the item. There is another $2.00 USD added for some odd reason that is not made clear to you before you buy the item. So it is really $11.99. This also happens all the time most times the seller claims it is for insurance. But as far as I know it is suppose to be a separate amount that you can add if you wish. But will not be added on top of the bid price without your consent.

C. Crazy Shipping Rate – Have you ever been to an auction and it had some really crazy listed shipping rate. Well there can be a few reasons. The first being it is the listed price for the fasted method of shipping and if you go to the bottom of the page, you maybe able to choose a slower cheaper method of shipping. The second you should always check the shipping calculator to see if the price is really listed right or even go to the official shipping website and check it out for yourself. Don’t automatically assume the seller to be honest. But only if you really want the item, Trust me it has saved me a lot of cash people make mistakes all the time. But also know that if it is a BUY IT NOW or an E-BAY store. It may have higher shipping rates because of the conveniences factor…

D. Messing with the FEEDBACK – E-bay sellers use to be able to just fight every comment they got that they did not like. And get the person to agree to withdraw the comment. So it did not really effect their rating. In fact I’ve seen people go crazy doing it so much that they had more comments withdraw then positive comment. But the new rules make it a lot harder. But beware that old seller still may have this issue.

E. Restocking FEE – So you buy an item and it is your mistake you bought the wrong brand or colour. So you want to return it with in the refund period. But the seller says that you have to pay a 15% restocking fee for the inconvenient of the seller. Well swallow your anger and pride and make sure you read the fine print. Because this happens all the time when it comes to POWER SELLERS or E-BAY STORE.

F. BULK PACKAGING Or Non-Original Packaging – So you buy an item and when you receive it. It is only in bubble wrap and not in the original box and or packaging. So you contact the seller and he/she says for the original packaging it will cost you another $1.50 USD. So you say why ? Well sometimes it is a scam, just to get more money out of you. But it can also be because the packaging is too heavy, too bulky to ship. So check the listing or ask before you buy.

G. CRAZY SHIPPING TIME TABLES – So you buy an item and it takes like forever to arrive and your sure it said first class shipping or it takes the seller like weeks to ship said item. Even thou you paid right away, Some of these are clear scams. Others have good legit reasons. But others such as the following are pretty common. “OH I DID NOT HAVE THE ITEM IN STOCK.” “I DON’T SHIP ON THE WEEKEND.” “THE WEATHER” “PAYPAL PAYMENT WAS NOT SENT.” But yet you checked it and it did. Then that would be a pure scam in that case…

H. SELLERS THAT DON’T LEAVE FEEDBACK – Now this is a hard one. It’s not a scam but it is really a ticks me off. Because some sellers won’t sell to you or except your bid if you are ZERO feedback score. So it can cause you some degree of hardship. But also I’ve seen seller leave feedback once they receive payment so it can go both ways. I sometimes contact the sellers and bug them once or twice after. I’ve left them feedback.

I. SELLERS THAT DON”t GIVE DISCOUNTS ON MORE THEN ONE ITEM OR SHIPPING DISCOUNTS – Ok this one is a real piss off to me. So you are buying like 2 or more items from the same seller and then you contact them and they give you like a $2 discount on the item or postage or they post a crazy amount of items that you need to buy like 7 to 20 items in a set period of time. Normally between 3 and 7 days or they do this. OH YEAH SORRY, BUT YOU NEEDED TO BUY THEM IN ALL IN ONE TRANSACTION OR THAT ITEM DOES NOT COUNT. This happens a lot and people it is just PLAIN GREED. Swallow your pride and pocket book and make sure you read the full listing real close and always contact the seller before you bid or buy.

Last is my favourite e-Bay tip – Try to always contact the seller with any question. Just to see if they answer you and how long it takes them to respond. It says a lot about the seller. If you get a reply in like 10 minutes as compared to a seller. Who never contacts you or takes days or weeks to respond.

Well that’s all for now. But be careful E-BAY is really cool and a great place to find hard to find items. But it is real life and there are people, that will screw you just because they can.


10. Business Deal Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Fake Website, Phone Call, Regular Mail, Text Message, Fax) This scam is also really old. And I’ve seen some really off the wall ones, most promise very cheap wholesale products and it can be legit. But most will end up costing you more in the end. Just make sure you really know what your doing and do a lot of researcher before hand.

11. Fake Dating Website Spam Mail Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Fake Website, Text) This scam is more annoying then anything else. It normally starts with my name is Tina and I’m 5″2 and sexy and then they tell you what their background is then they claim they found you on a dating website or social networking site. Then they ask you if you want to meet up online or in person. Often by this time they have already asked you for a bunch of details about yourself.  Then soon there after they may ask for money or say if you want more go to this site or call this 1-800 number.

11A. Fake Dating Website E-mail and Regular Mail Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Fake Website, Text Message, Regular Mail) This scam is more annoying then anything else it starts with my name is Tina and I’m 5″2 and sexy and then say what their background is. Then they claim they found you on a dating website or by G-D’s will and I have gotten about 10 different versions of this scam and all have been legit letters (more like a chain letter looking format) sent to your house or apartment and they are photocopied. This should be your 1st RED FLAG, then the next Flag is the Dear Sir or Miss. Then the last point which actually probably should be the first warning is you never singed up or know this person or any such dating service. The fact is it is a generic letter that the scammer sends out hundreds and hops for a few bites.

Which often the scammer will get because most often most people believe this method safer compared to the direct in person contact method. But let me assure you it is not safe once they know you have taking their bait. Good luck getting ride of them after that initial contact.

12. Inheritances Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Regular Mail) This scam is also very easy to catch but mush like a chain letter it makes its rounds claiming a family member has passed away. One you don’t even remember. After which point you encounter. The scammer asking for more and more info. Until you are sending them money and or proof you are related to the fake dead family member.

13. You Have Received A Package Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Regular Mail , Phone) This scam seems really innocent at first until police are knocking on your door because you just accepted a package with a bunch of drugs or weapons in it. It can come as a package that you never ordered in the first place. Or a door hanger from UPS, FedEx whatever. But normally it starts with a really really badly done e-mail request to call the company. To give them the OK to receive the package or pay a security fee.

14. Odd Request Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Regular Mail) This scam comes way out of left field and asks something you would never think of in a million years. Most claim that you signed up for some sort of promotion or call list,  group or organization. This may even include odd survey questions.

15. Embarrassment Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Regular Mail, Cell Phone, Landline, Text message, Paper Bills, Bank Statements) What is theEMBARRASSMENT SCAM? This scam is getting a lot of play from all yours guys e-mails and comments.

This scam is all about making you look bad and wanting whatever you did to go away really really fast. Most often it is related to adult material. (For example “PORN”)

This scam can wreak marriages and peoples lives. The way they do it is by sending you a bill for services rendered, could be Pay per view, magazine subscriptions, Website Porn memberships and so on. It is a strong arm on black mail and it is illegal in pretty much every country I know off.

This scam can be achieved via KEY LOGGER technology, Spyware, Adware, Hacking (This includes all sorts of nasty viruses.) Most people will pay to make go away. No matter how much the payment is for just under $100 dollars and this is because most people will not sue or make an issue in the US and or Canada (If it is for under $100 USD/CAD.

At that level it fails to be classified as a criminal offence (In many places in the world. (Instead it is classified as a civil offence where you woudl have to sue for damages.). It falls in the grey zone of most law. Thus scammers on the Internet and the real world will take advantage of this and it might not seem like a lot. But if you can catch one your more then likely to catch another. Just you wait and that is what they do wait and watch whether it will be via e-mail, phone call or regular mail.

16. Job Offer Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Regular Mail, Cell Phone, Landline, Text Message) What is the “Job Offer Scam? – This scam is getting more and more common. Where you are offered a job in the form of an e-mail in most cases.

It is normally states you can be your own boss and run your OWN AT HOME BUSINESS. Where you have to buy stock or some form of merchandise and then you need to sell said product to make a profit. But don’t fool yourself, never put out money if you are not sure there is some way of making it back.

Do your own background check before handing over your credit card information or signing on the dotted line. You could be putting yourself in debt and have product arrive at your house you can not possibly sell.

There are also companies that will offer you remote jobs from big name companies that are called “Spiders” where you search the Internet for information. Make sure that you know what you are doing and how much you’ll make, also be sure to have a real Land line business phone number, Fax number and real address for the company. Make sure it is not a cell phone or remote landline number. IT SHOULD HAVE A CALLER ID NUMBER + NAME OF THE COMPANY TO GO WITH THAT NUMBER. Make sure the work you are offered is LEGIT AND LEGAL WHERE YOU LIVE. Sometimes governments will only let companies employ within their own country or region and may even call the job spying. BE AWARE THAT IS ONLY IN EXTREME CASES. ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE HAND and be safe…

17. Porn Site Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Regular Mail, Cell Phone, Landline, Text message) What is aPorn Site Scam? – A PORN site scam is when a porn site or adult material website,  blog says something is free or even trial offer of said product or service and then charges you full price or bullies you into paying for something you never really used.

They might try to send you unwanted material you never even asked for. This is very similar to the EMBARRASSMENT SCAM it plays on the “Please get away from me right now reflex! “or “I’ll pay you if you would just please go away !“. This is really hard to deal with if you are UNDERAGE, where you live you will need to tell your parents :( . There have been lawsuits and charges filed in some extreme cases most however are just false invoices saying you never paid. Even when you have already paid.

18. Paid Survey Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Regular Mail, Cell Phone, Landline, Text Message) What is aPaid Survey Scam? – A Paid Survey scam is when a Survey website or company says they will pay you a certain amount of money. This can happen by not paying up after said survey is done or only giving you free surveys. Making you do like 100 surveys before they give you one that pays.

19. Government Compensation Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Regular Mail) What is aGovernment Compensation Scam? – This scam is when you get taken by a scam you contact these people and they will fix the issues.

So far there are UN compensations Funds, USA compensations funds and the RCMP compensation funds. All claiming they will give you back. What you lost for a fee or just plain information. So as far as I know there are no such funds at least legal wise out there. Don’t fall for the random e-mail, compensation for scam victims. Trust me, I wish it were real. But as far from real funds MAYBE ONE DAY, BUT NOT TODAY

20. Tax Refund Scam – (Type of Scam: E-mail, Regular Mail, Landline) What is aTax Refund Scam? – Well this scam is very common during tax time. The reason of course is because taxes have been sent in and thous of us who have not done our tax returns. Are looking for the best way to. Stave off sever penalties.

So when there is hardship there is a scammer or scammers ready to take all your hard-earned cash, and run with it. This scam is mainly e-mail promising a crazy over blown tax return. DON’T FOR A SECOND TRUST THEIR CLAIMS.

21.What is the Text Message/Multimedia Subscription Scam ? – Well it is any cellphone/mobile phone subscription service that will not let you un-subscribe to said service. There are a million and one text message alerts or download subscriptions available out there. But many people don’t realize the cost and the amount of Spam messages they may get or the fact some are next to impossible to get rid of. (For Full Post On Topic please Refer To The Following Link Scam Alert – Text Message/Multimedia Subscription Scam)

22. What is the Credit Or Debit Card Double Swipe Scam? – This scam starts off like any regular purchase with your Credit or Debit card you would make at a gas station or grocery store. So you hand over your credit or debit card over to the cashier like you have a million and one times before.

But only this time your Credit/Debit card disappears behind the counter where your card is doubled swiped once in the legit mobile merchanted credit/debit machine then again in a Credit/debit information copying device or “E.I.C.D” (Electronic Information Capture Device or Electronic Identity Capture Device) Which will steal your information stored on the cards magnetic strip. (The Black Strip on the back of your card) Sometimes even digital images are taken of your Credit Or Debit Card to obtain the last 4 digits of your card or EMBEDDED SECURITY PIN NUMBERS. (For Full Post On Topic please refer to this link Scam Alert – Credit Or Debit Card Double Swipe Scam)

Well that is all for now. Please let me know if you guys would like anymore information on these scams or wish to report a scam.  Please contact us via our comment section or e-mail us @


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Till My Next Update,

Remy “Se7en”

230 Responses to Scam Watch: List Of The Most Common Scams + Explanation Of Each (Ver. 3.0)

  1. Aurimas says:

    Hey Nicholas and Andre,

    Thank you at first. I have two contacts in Germany too about this. You can find them on youtube. They told me thats only scam and they are powerless knowing only your IP adress.

    One guy also said that police is already looking for them :) But those bastards have their servers somewhere in Africa or other part of the world and it’s hard to shut those websites down.

    Andre i think those people just trying to scare you because i saw some videos on youtube about that police had their home searched. But i think its not true.
    And :

    1. When You made the “contract” with them, they didnt send You canceliation email.

    2. They didnt asked You for your credit card number (like in most porn sites do) to verify that You are not a minor. Selling porn to minor is illegal and your parents can sue you them, because they sold pornography to you( Its my thoughts only).

    3. The price was hidden then You forst came to the site.

    4. When you got the account verification email, they didnt said anything about paying.
    It’s an atempt of extortion. It’s illegal and if they sue you I am 99.99% sure that You win the case and You will be able to sue them for your lawyer fees and damages to You ( If you had any damages like you couldnt sleep or something. I had those things that i was shaking, was thinking about suicide, couldnt sleep).


    • Remy "Se7en" says:

      Dear Aurimas,

      True are right 100%….they are comment not only a scam. But as well an illegal act and depending on a number of circumstances such as Ager of person, where you live and such…they can or can’t do a number of things including sue as well as even contact you..It is against the law to allow an underage person to go on a porn site…that is why there is a credit card number or birth date needed..some even require more ID..such as passport..but they are scams..never give out your credit card or passport info….

      Thanks for the comment,

      Remy “Se7en”

    • Nicholas says:

      Dear Aurimas

      Wow, i did not see this post before now.. Damnd this is good dude =)
      Good job…

      Scammers bevare !!


  2. Aurimas says:

    BTW do You play Counter Strike on sS servers? I am asking because i saw one player with your nickname (Se7en)? lol.. And do You need any help with bloging about scams or something?

    • Remy "Se7en" says:

      Dear Aurimas,

      Not for many many the answer is nope….and about do I need help blogging about scams…I am always loooking for new the answer to that is TRU DAT yes..I am….

      Talk to ya later,

      Remy “Se7en”

  3. Aurimas says:

    Hey whats up guys i havent been here for a long time :)
    dont pay at all…
    here is some links about this…

    • Remy "Se7en" says:

      Dear NICO,

      You may want to check out these links and let me know what you think…I have already browsed them and they are safe….

      Please let me know if it is worth to post on this subject or recommend these links…

      Remy “Se7en”

    • Remy "Se7en" says:

      Dear Aurimas,

      I am now going to hand you off tyo my ever expanding scam buster get their views of these links…an such

      Thanks for the links and comment,

      Remy “Se7en”

  4. Nicholas says:

    Dear Remy

    Could you go and delete my post or remove my Email adress from the post, the first post i gave here..

    It’s bothering me, I get so much spam mail cause of that dammed post…

    So plz remove the post or atleast delete my email adress from the post.

    • Remy "Se7en" says:

      Dear NICO

      I have delete all of ur e-mail address from all your comments and there were a that took a from your profile then we should be good….

      Ur good now,

      Remy “Se7en”

  5. Nicholas says:

    I guess we did a good job Se7en, since it seems that people get there answer’s without asking :P

  6. Kier Darby says:

    Thank you for your thorough explanation

  7. Remy "Se7en" says:

    Hey All,

    Its Remy and I’m back with some minor format changes. Just so it is even easier to read….

    Well any ways enjoy the changes and see you on the flip side…

    Remy “Se7en”

  8. Louis Vuitton handbags says:

    My English is not good, but to see the article you write a good feel of your

  9. Moris Johns says:

    beware of this emails and
    and….both are scam…Nigeria Boys from Malaysia, the real zitron don’t use these domains for websites.

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